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of the
Holy Cross
Mother Church of the Archdiocese of Boston

Seán Cardinal O’MalleyVery Reverend Monsignor Kevin J. O'Leary

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Boston, the seat of Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, and a parish to the historic and vibrant South End of Boston.

Led by our Rector, Very Rev. Msgr. Kevin J. O’Leary, and the pastoral staff, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross serves a large and diverse population with regular Masses and sacraments offered in English, Spanish, the Extraordinary Form in Latin, and the Ethiopian-Eritrean Rite in Ge’ez.

Dedicated in 1875, the Cathedral endures as spiritual home and community resource for thousands of Bostonians.

Seán Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap. | Very Reverend Monsignor Kevin J. O’Leary, Rector

Important Announcements
Re-Opening the Cathedral

The Cathedral is re-opening for public Masses on Sunday, May 31 for Pentecost with significant precautions and restrictions in place. Advanced registration is required to reserve a seat. Please see our Re-Opening the Cathedral information page for details on precautions and how to reserve a seat.

90-Days Now Campaign

The desire to take care of one another during the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 and the inability to join together at local Catholic churches for Masses has inspired a grassroots movement for parishioners to rally around their local parishes. “90 Days Now – For Your Parish” is a newly launched three-month campaign spearheaded by a member of the laity to help support parishes while Churches are temporarily closed but while the need for parish services continues.

This 90-day program offers support now by providing a way to make a daily commitment that will go directly into their parish’s savings account and will be promptly available for their parish’s needs. Make your commitment online via BostonCatholic.org.

Mass Online

During this time of precaution, those who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, who have been exposed to those with COVID-19, those recently arrived from out-of-state, and those in vulnerable populations are asked to refrain from entering the Cathedral for the safety of all God’s people. We encourage you to unite yourself in prayer by praying with our Masses available online. Daily Mass is available on the Cathedral Facebook Page. Sunday Masses with Cardinal Seán are available through CatholicTV at  WatchTheMass.com. The faithful from our Latin Mass community can follow Masses offered daily in the Extraordinary Form by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) at LiveMass.net

Community Notes
Seventh Sunday of Easter: May 24

Celebrate Mass this Sunday with Cardinal Seán from the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Tune in on WLVI-TV CW56 at 8 a.m., or CatholicTV or CatholicTVLive.com at 11:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. or stream it anytime Sunday from WatchTheMass.com.

Follow Sunday Mass with this Worship Aid including the readings and sacred music.

Message from Father Pablo

Hola hermanos y hermanas,

El Cardenal ha pedido voluntarios entre presbíteros jóvenes (menores de 45 años) para formar equipos de respuesta a la crisis del Coronavirus. Estos presbíteros están encargados de dar los sacramentos a los enfermos de Coronavirus, especialmente a los que están muriendo en los hospitales. Para la seguridad de todos, estos presbíteros viven aislados del resto de la sociedad en equipos de 2 o 3 sacerdotes por casa. No pueden ir más que del hospital a casa. Un equipo de voluntarios de la Archidiocesis les lleva comida y lo que necesiten.

Yo me presenté voluntario para formar parte de un equipo y ya me encuentro en la residencia donde estoy aislado con otro presbítero joven.

Por esta razón no me va a ser posible continuar visitándolos ni administrarles los Sacramentos durante el tiempo que dure esta misión.

Seguiré haciendo las reflexiones y ofreciendo la Misa por todos ustedes.

Recen por mi, por el resto de los sacerdotes que están haciendo esta misión y por los enfermos de Coronavirus que el Señor pone en nuestras manos.

Que Dios os bendiga.

¡Cristo ha Resucitado!

Padre Pablo Gomis

The Cathedral Food Pantry remains open to all in need every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11.00 am until 3.00 pm. Located on Msgr. Reynolds Way on the lower level. Please call +1 617.506.6600 for more information. Please bring photo ID.
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